Rules + Server Info

This is a casual server for The KICK streaming community. It has been tuned to allow for easy drop in / drop out multi-player gameplay for when you need some content or want to game with friends. You will die in Project Zomboid. You will likely die more often than not. BUT THAT IS OKAY. This server is not intended for intricate base building or months and years of in game time. Get in there and survive!


  • Reset: Every 24 hours, at 6AM EST

  • Server Wipe: Every 7 days

  • 1 hour irl = .5 days in game.

  • Sleeping is disabled


  • 16-32 Player slots

  • Start with 100 points for traits

  • Factions and Safe Houses are available on the server to make grouping with friends more accessible.

  • VOIP / Global Chat disabled [testing / moderation]

  • This sever is meant to be cooperative. A PvP toggle is available if two players wish to settle disagreements aggressively in game, but players can only be attacked when they toggle PvP.


  • The undead population peaks around day 80.

  • Mainly slow zombies (some might be faster than you think)

  • Several quality of life mods are used on this server. They mainly adjust basic actions in the game to make them more robust or accessible. Additional vehicles have been added to the game along with clothing options and emotes.

  • All players spawn in the same location in an effort to make locating each other easier. If you need to coordinate with other players, please use the zomboid map to retrieve coordinates and other information you might find useful


  • Server is essentially player moderated. Follow the Kick guidelines / TOS. Don't be a jerk and it should be fine. If you have a major issue, collect what info you have and send it to any administrator or moderator in the discord.

designed by hekaco